Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Dear Jacci:

Thanksgiving is always a reflective time for me and I think about the last 10 years where I spent so much time building the Hall of Fame idea at the best of schools we know.

Your effort is well noted and you should know you have my loyal thanks.

From time to time, I would suggest you take a glimpse at our Facebook page Walt Whitman High School Hall of Fame.

As of this writing, we have attracted near 1,700 former Wildcats and the activity on our page from day to day is greater than any Whitman site on social media.

In the past week, we asked a question WHO WAS YOUR FAVORITE TEACHER?

Over 100 responded and if you scroll back to that thread, you will read about some love affairs with South Huntington teachers which have impacted the rest of their lives.

Isn't that our goal as educators? And what better way to realize that all of your work has been rewarded than reading what graduates say about their education, 20-50 years after they left campus.

One suggestion.

Consider a separate wing for our Hall of Fame which would honor the teachers which have made South Huntington schools exemplary.

It will only add to the richness and luster of a developing legend.

May you and your family have the very best Thanksgiving,


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