Tuesday, July 08, 2014


Dear Steve

When I saw you posting in the Writing gigs section, I was intrigued.

Most of those that I have responded to haven't even given me the respect to write back.

So rude!

However, your post was different because you referred to how many writers you turned on to life coaching.

That really appealed to me.

Still, I gave it little thought, even though I rushed out a quick reply.

And when you told me how valuable your insight was and that you charged a small (for you maybe) fee to become an insider, I had to laugh.

Another scam and I wrote back and used that very word.


And to my surprise, you wrote back and suggested I check out your blog (steve-tarde.blogspot.com), facebook and twitter presence.

You suggested I peruse your books, including Gift to my Dad (Amazon).

And from that day, we wrote back and forth.

And I truly had a mentor and a new vision and purpose for my life.

Miami, Florida

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