Friday, July 25, 2014

I Love Helping Writers Get Gigs.

I Love Helping Writers Get Gigs.

I started a page on Facebook and named it Writing Coach.

After coaching thousands of writers, I was inspired to find a page where we all could meet.

I have mentored writers, but as writers connected with me, I found that many of them wanted to live the same way I did.

They wanted to be financially independent, not need to get a job and enjoy the freedom to write and pursue their day in the way they chose to live.

Can you get gigs from connecting with us?

I predict that in 30 days we will have a family of over 100 writers sharing their talents.

I would hope to include you.

If you are serious about coaching other writers, you should join Writing Coach and then message me to contact you to see how I developed contacts with thousands of writers and writing gigs.

Do you love to write?

So do we.

Are you free to write all the time?

Few can.

I can and I would love to teach you to do the same.

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