Friday, July 04, 2014

Happy 4th

My daughter is 21.

She will be 22 in a few months. No job. No driver's license and no desire to do much of anything, but watch the sun rise and set and little else.

The fact that I attract millions of visualization coaches throughout the world seems to make little impression on her.

A pity.

I would show her this recent letter from a current student and aspiring coach, but I doubt she would take the time to read it and even if she did, she would take less time to care.

Dear Steve:

Studying visualization has changed my life!

I lost my husband a couple of years ago and I have been looking for something to reignite the passion in my life.

Your gift in attracting visualization students all over the world who wish to study this extraordinary power with you online to improve their lives is something which I wake up to each day.

All I can think of is attracting students who wish to become involved in this project which is changing the world.

I am fascinated at the stories of the athletes and coaches who study with you to become champions.

As a teacher myself, I am connected to the stories of the students who have studied vocabulary and visualization with you and how they have succeeded wildly in their lives.

And then there are the stories of celebrities and executives who have become your students and are mong the Who's Who throughout the world.

Thst is what I want for my life.

So I join you on the search for those who can promote your gift with their online skills.

I pledge to make it my gift as well.

With unparalleled loyalty,


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