Sunday, July 20, 2014

Good Morning From San Diego

Hi Wildcats:

I am waiting in anticipation with you for the pending announcement of our 4th induction of our Hall of Fame which will take place at Whitman during Homecoming weekend.

Next Sunday, I will be in Cooperstown, doing my Casey at the Bat bit, which you can view here from a recent TV show with the San Diego Padres network.

If you would like to be updated on future Casey travels, join my Facebook page. You can find it at Casey At The Bat.
Here is what you can do to attract more Wildcat eyes to our Hall of Fame page on Facebook.
Keep inviting your classmates to join us here.
It's that simple.
I find someone to speak to in the Whitman family on a regular basis.
They are asking about you.
Have you checked in with us at one of the neatest high school alumni websites ever?
Classmates are looking for you.
Have a great Sunday and maybe I will see you very soon.
For you see, I am a Wildcat and that has always been very special to me.

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