Tuesday, July 08, 2014


Are you a writer?

Have you considered getting into the personal coaching business?

I have trained writers from all over the world to make money with me online by sharing my secrets with others.

My secrets come in a condensed report which is my cash cow.

I charge a very reasonable $100 fee paypal (stevetarde@gmail.com) for my report.

In that way, I can send someone a report while I am in Maui, South Florida or Club Med and yes, I have lived in all three locales.

But the difference in playing on my team and sharing my online money making secrets is that I will give you a lifetime of emails. not insane and innocuous opt-in emails, but direct contact with me personally, if you have the slightest question in a day, month or even a year.

Check my decade long blog (steve-tarde.blogspot.com) or my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Don't waste my time with sour grapes.

I am too busy making money and sharing my secrets just how I do it with those who are finally prepared for action.

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