Tuesday, July 01, 2014

2015 Sales Team

Our 2015 Online Personal Coaching sales team promises to deliver our best year ever.

For it is these professional team members who use their social media savvy to deliver potential clients/students to my personal coaches from around the world.

Once you are selected as a probationary personal coach whether it is in the field of writing, a specific athletic sport. academics (such as mentoring a student to connect with a top school), etc., we arrive at an initial agreed upon marketing fee which insures my participation and unleashes the power of my online sales recruiters.

They work for us to deliver students whose singular desire is to be coached.

This process has worked for me over the years to discourage the tire kickers and work only with those who want to build a long term relationship in the personal coaching business and with me.

Based on the work required for each student selected, a fee split is decided which will reward your time and effort.

At any time, my coaches can choose independence and fly solo.

In fact, once they can fly on their own, I encourage them to do so.

For you see, I enjoy coaching my coaches just as much as I do coaching our students.

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