Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sleep Script

The number of words to a scrip whether they approach 100 or top out at 300 ( most or all of my scripts and the ones I choose from my writers are of these parameter) is not as key as what is said in the script and how the script can be adjusted in time to take on new dimensions. 1. Sleep What is the secret for writing for me as writers around the world have been inspired to write for me over the past 40 years? First, you should know that I am partial to writers and I will often post with a distinct message to writers and writers only all over the world. I deflect the rancorous criticism that I ask my writers to initially contribute modestly ($100) to what has become a lifestyle and an entrepreneurial labor of love for me these past 40 years. I look at it this way. If one can’t understand my purpose inviting writers to join my purpose in life, let them grouse and move on. They don’t belong with me and the faster they can separate from me the better. But for most writers, I provide a unique opportunity to work on their 100-300 word scripts such as this one I prepared for someone who was desperate for sleep---until I came along. I asked them to describe their attempts at sleep in an exchange of a few messages. And then voila! This is what the writer wrote. Are you starting to see the genius of this simple system? The patient is exhausted. They are barely able to climb into their comfortable bed. A doctor stands by to monitor the grave situation. The doctor briefs the caretakers on the urgency involved. The patient is in such bad condition that it is likely they will not last the night. The doctor asks if the caretakers have plenty of Algonquin Juice (Gatorade) in supply. The caretakers insist that they are well stocked. The doctor is satisfied and reiterates that the patient is so exhausted that the only possible way that they will get through the night is if they have a long, restful and uneventful sleep. The caretakers take this all in. The patient is drifting into a deep sleep. It seems that the doctor’s suggestion is having full effect. The patient has never been more exhausted in their life. Instead of fighting sleep, they now embrace it.

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