Saturday, August 03, 2013

Is There a Charge for your service?

Is there a charge for your service? Hell yeah! I am a CPA with an MBA who is still the youngest ever (30) to walk away from his CPA practice. I graduated in the top 10% of my college class. Can I please make a few dollars? Is that OK with you. Because I promise you this: I won’t make that much on you---but you might change your life forever. That is my plan. So I charge a very modest fee and I will provide you with solid gold referrals of those who have worked with me and have become fans for life. And then I begin writing about you. And you bookmark my blog and regularly, I inspire you, teach you and motivate you to accumulate the contacts which have come to me. So if you want to work with this kind of man, you will take the step necessary to begin---or you can continue to kick tires---because even though I inspire millions—the truth is hard to face---most people will never quite figure it out. But I was hoping that you would be special.

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