Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dear Alex

Dear Alex Stay away! We don’t love you anymore. In fact, we are sick of the sight of you. I have been a Yankee fan for 55 years, including 9 world championships. I cheered when you came to the Yankees a decade ago. I was glad for you (and me) when you helped the Yanks win for your very first championship in 2009. I defended you last year when you stunk up the joint in the post season. I have always been blown away by your natural talents. But here’s a tip---your baseball life is over! Show up again in the Bronx and you will hear booing as you have never heard in your life. If you think they hate you in Seattle, Texas and Boston, wait to you hers the reception at Yankee Stadium. What’s the point? You have trashed a Hall of Fame career. You will never see Cooperstown---unless you buy a ticket. Maybe you should make reservations for Mariano and Derek. They tried to show you the Yankee way, but you knew better. Here is another piece of advice. If MLB wants to ban you for life, go with it. You made enough money ripping off this game. I am sure you can get some extra income from freak shows. Ask Pete Rose’s agent. He can help you with the bookings . Kids today need their heroes back. You were positioned to be the best ballplayer of all time. Now, you are going to be looked at as the ultimate loser. Get used to it. It’s a colossal fall from grace, but consider the upside. At this point, you have avoided jail. Have you ever thought about moving to France? Steve Tarde Yankee fan since 7/20/58 when I first walked into Yankee Stadium

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