Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pop The Mighty Dragon

Pop the magic dragon Coached in the NBA And won 4 rings Doing it his way Then one night in Miami Pop made a big mistake He failed to foul and blew the game And his fans yelled for his head A dragon lives forever But not an NBA coach Max deals and Escalade wheels make way for other toys Pop was brutal when asked about the final game “We will get on the bus and take the court” The same as any other game But if Pop and the Spurs lose game 7 It won’t diminish his career Pop is headed to the Hall of Fame He is clearly without peer. Little Jackie Paper would have loved to play for Pop Maybe he was Tony Parker—even though Pop was often rough A coach might live forever But not so NBA boys Max deals and Escalade wheels make way for other toys One grey day it happened Manu and Tony came no more And Pop that mighty dragon, he ceased his fearless roar We shall see if game 7 brings with it any joy Will Coach Pop remember that he was once a little boy? I still believe in Pop But his legend took a hit If he is up by 10 in the final quarter I hope it doesn’t turn to shit— Oh Pop the NBA dragon Lived in San Antonio Won 4 Rings And other things And other fancy stuff.

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