Saturday, May 04, 2013

Writers and Coaches---FREE First Look 2013

Crazy days of May are here. I am attracting more writers and lifestyle coaches and those looking for writers and coaches than at any time in the forty years of my own extraordinary lifestyle. Here is how simple my program works and how you can get involved today. If you would like to try for FREE a life coach or a ghostwriter to write your life story, follow my blog and I will introduce you to my 2013 roster of writers and coaches. There is NO FEE for those who would like to take advantage f the FREE initial services of my writing and ghosting team. There is a $99 fee (paypal) to become a writer/coach on my team for 2013 Once you complete your payment, email me a 50 word bio you would like potential clients to know about you. It works as simple as that and it has been working for going on 50 years. Tens of thousands of followers and more every day would love to get to know my writers and coaches. Now, with the simplest of systems, I break the ice----again!

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