Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wichita State

Notes for a Tuesday March 26, 2013 Chris Dufrense (LA Times) is a baller and a hell of a writer. He tells a story about Sweet 16 Wichita State coach which gave me a smile this morning and might well make it into my Motivational Play-Offs (Playoffs—Did you say Playoffs)? Malcolm Armstead is one of Marshall’s Shockers who took a circuitous road and paid his own way to transfer from Oregon and play one year for Wichita State. During one game this season, Marshall couldn’t get Armstead’s attention because he was busy talking to the opposing team’s guard. “I finally said, ‘Malcolm, I am trying to get your attention and you talking to this other kid. What are you telling him?’ He goes, “well coach, I had just taken the ball from him and I was telling him that he can’t dribble the ball that high. It’s not going to work.” And I am going. ‘Why are you doing that to the opposition?’ And he says, “well, he’s a nice kid and I want him to do well.” Do you have a motivational story for me?

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