Monday, March 25, 2013


A week away from baseball season and the ladies play tonight in the 2nd round. And I live in San Diego where right now at 11AM the sun is shining and the temp will be in the 70’s. What a life! And speakers come to me from all over the world to learn my formula. And writers do the same. And when they pony up the money, they get into the game. Sorry, I am known for lapsing into Casey at the Bat mode at any given time. Just ask my daughter, Lindsey. She is a writer as well. And so I teach and teach and teach so more and I tell them the secret to their success might be as simple as Moppo. And if they become my personal student, I will teach them how to do it on stage and attract millions. Of course, they should read my blog here which goes back to 2005 and spend time with my law of attraction classic Gift To MY Dad (Amazon). But it starts with Moppo and the simple secret Larry taught me. Have a minute? I will teach it to you. I related to Moppo because when I taught in NYC for a few years, I straightened my hair and my students called me Mop-Head. I should have realized it wasn’t a compliment, but I kept straightening my hair for another three years until another teacher, a sweet woman, took me aside and told me to stop it. It wasn’t until then I realized I had curly hair and was wasting my money straightening m hair, not to mention the pain. But that has nothing to do with Moppo and the secret Larry taught me. I was getting to that. Moppo was in high school with Larry and his friends and one day they got word that Moppo had moved suddenly to Arizona on advice of doctors who recommended his need for the climate. Most teenagers could care less. Larry and his two companions saw opportunity. Knowing that the family bolted without even telling the school and abandoned their apartment, they concocted a plan. Their idea was to tell the school that Moppo had died and the family vacated the city in mourning. Then they began to collect money for donations for the grieving Moppo clan. Their primary goal was to raise enough money for dinners at Nathan’s (a culinary treat) and the movies. They exceeded their goals and the money poured in. Everything was great until one day, the boys were called into the principal’s office. Larry was sure the jig was up and that all the boys would be shamed, expelled and their plans to graduate ruined. Such was not the case. The principal wanted to announce a “Moppo” Day where the city would honor the boys for their civic duty. The local newspaper wanted to do a story and would send a photographer and a reporter. An assembly was scheduled and the boys were to be the guest of honor. So the great day arrives and so does Moppo. On this very day, Moppo decides to return to school and end his Arizona exile. As he walks into the assembly, he can’t believe his eyes. In large letters for all the world to see, is the huge sign: IN HONOR OF OUR FRIEND MOPPO! Larry catches sight of his mop-haired chum and calls out to him. “Moppo, go home! You’re dead!” All hell breaks loose and it isn’t long before the boys are once again summoned to the principal’s office. This time the circumstances are not celebratory. The principal reads the riot act and he tells the boys they can consider themselves expelled at once. Larry is turning white, but his friend, the negotiator, waves for the principal to slow down. He reminds the principal that if the boys are expelled, they will go right back to the newspaper reporter and explain how the school accepted their story about Moppo without even bothering to verify a single fact. He reminded the principal that he would look like a fool to the entire educational community and would be lucky to get a job as a night janitor. The boys temporary expulsion was lifted. Moppo returned to school. All the boys graduated. And Larry had a mint story to share with the world. And I have a secret to share witrh all the speakers who train with me and those who want to study with me and practice what I do. It is all on the story. Can you tell one?

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