Sunday, March 24, 2013


Dinky was trained to be a champion. As Dink turned 3rd, I had no reservations about sending him home. His heart was beating out of his chest and I must admit, I wondered, if there was a play at the plate, there might be some type injury I would regret. I pushed it from my mind. Dinky had no stamina when we first began training. This was the ultimate test. An inside the park homer would mean more than a mention in the box score. It would make history. My arm was rotating. For a 3rd base coach, this was the green light which meant the runner is free tyo go all the way. The throw was off line. Dinky came down on the soft surface, panting and gasping for air, but he was safe. Dinky had scored. Dinky was my parakeet. I was so proud.

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