Sunday, February 10, 2013


What words do you use when you talk to yourself? Women write me all the time and share with me how someone in one of their relationships called them WORTHLESS and how that word echoed in their mind for years. It can make a believer of someone who has not found another way to think. The power of visualization is another way to think. Three high school seniors who played basketball for an Arizona high school met me in February, 1996. There was nothing special about these boys. Not one would go on to play Division One basketball. But 4 weeks after I met them, these 3 boys led their team to the Arizona State High School Basketball Championship in the very same arena which hosts the games of the Phoenix Suns. It was all because I gave them a word to repeat. Each one of the boys would do something in the games leading to the championship which would mean another victory in the one and done tournament. They came to believe in each other. They learned to believe in themselves. So what words do you say to yourself when you look in the mirror? Are you still saying words like worthless, ugly, despicable? Instead, have you begun to see your inner beauty and use words like radiant, extraordinary and resilient? My new vocabulary book is MY VOCABULARY FORMULA. Maybe all you need a whole new way to learn words!

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