Friday, February 01, 2013

Welcome to February

Welcome to February! Today begins a very productive and condensed 59 day period which ends on March 31, just in time for the baseball season, my favorite time of the year. Back to February! This neat 28 day month is the shortest month of the year of course. Perfect for us to begin thinking like an entrepreneur. If you don’t have your FREE copy of my 2013 little book FIRE YOUR BOSS AND HIRE YOURSELF, you should email me at and if you are still not a mentoring student of mine, then you are missing out on writing your LifeStory. I will be looking at 28 Life Stories of some of the richest in America this month. I hope you come back 27 more times to see who I am profiling on that day. And when you are ready to write your story, I am here to write it with you. Warren Buffett has been an American icon for many years now. When I study a wealthy person, I look for certain things to bring to my students, to include in my writing. I know he became a billionaire. What I want to know is why? Buffett was the son of a congressman. That tells me he grew up as a privileged kid. This already separates him from 99% of America. He studied finance at the University of Pennsylvania. I have long been on record in stating that an Ivy League education is a ticket to the backrooms of America’s privileged which few Americans will ever visit. If you are passionate about making stocks your journey to your personal fortune, you can have no better mentor than Warren Buffett. Think like an entrepreneur.

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