Monday, January 14, 2013

Meet Me in Las Vegas

If you are a betting man or broad, for that matter, this past weekend’s games have taken a murky picture and crystallized 4 teams which seem very clear to me in picking the Super Bowl winner. First up this weekend will be San Francisco visiting Atlanta. To me, that is the easiest game of the two Conference championships. The 49ers will present an oddity because they will be a slight favorite even though they are visiting a noisy dome. Coach Harbaugh will have his team ready. They lost this game last year to the 49ers, falling one game short of the Super Bowl and that won’t happen again. The Falcons collapse in the second half against the Seahawks told you all you needed to know about this schizophrenic team. If the Falcons had lost that game, I was already tweeting that Heir Blank would have canned his beleaguered coach. Finally winning a playoff game probably saved Mike Smith’s job, but the Falcons will go down this weekend and so half of your betting picture has been solved. The remaining half is even simpler. Not having to travel, the Patriots are the most experienced playoff team in the history of the NFL. Tom Brady is a first ballot Hall of Famer and each time he takes the field he sets another QB record for championship longevity. With one more Super Bowl victory, Brady will be right up there with Montana and Bradshaw on the Mt. Rushmore of NFL deities. After two failures against my Giants, it will happen this year. There is only one thing blocking Tom Terrific from going to New Orleans on February 3. That would be the Ray Lewis factor. This guy came into the league hard and he is leaving hard. Brady has no more time to deal with sentimental departures. My bet is that Ray Lewis plays his final game in Foxboro on Sunday. If you bet with me, you will agree on a 49ers-Patriots matchup on Super Bowl Sunday. I will be back here before then and pick your winner.

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