Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why Haven't you Joined MLM?

Why haven’t you joined an MLM company? I will give you my reasons. 1. You think it is a scam. The word “pyramid” has become attached to MLM companies in this country of morons. Those who know my writing know that I write often about the morons in America. Do I think everyone is a moron in this country? No, but I like to run surveys and most Americans tell me I am on the right track. So, let’s dispense with calling an MLM a ‘pyramid” scheme. Quite simply, it is not. Next question! 2. You are focused on your job. That’s part of the problem. We were all sold a bunch of hooey the past 50 years that our jobs were part of the American dream. Turns out that the American dream was being pulled out from under our feet. In 1975, when I was employed by the NEW York City Board of Education, New York City ostensibly went broke and fired all of its teachers. What was promised as a lifetime job blew up in my face and I had to scramble to find a job. I was one of the survivors, but there was plenty of collateral damage. Think anyone cared? 3. You don’t have time. Let’s go back to a very special lady who I connected with in late 2012 who is fast becoming my favorite entrepreneur. These are just some of the reasons in her own words why she loves her business. She has complete control of her time. • I have time for myself (personal growth and physically "aka" gym time). I love building this business with my husband. He once worked shift work and ALOT of overtime before. We saw each other in passing.....He's "present" in our lives now. • And I love that i don't have the typical lifestyle of getting up to the sound of an alarm clock, driving the same way to work, working at the same desk with the same people that are miserable to be there, driving same drive home everyday...all to repeat the next day....I love my lifestyle! • 4. You already pay enough taxes. Will you listen to yourself? If you start your own home based business, you will have a flood of tax deductions not available to W-2 workers. The 535 political leaders who are the lords over the Internal Revenue Code are elected by constituencies where tax breaks for entrepreneurs are far more important than worrying about the average U.S. worker. Do you want to get your share of the Income Tax gravy train? Start your own business. If not, stop complaining. 5. I don’t like trying something new. You know why? You were never taught to think like an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs thrive on not knowing what is next. Entrepreneurs thrive on not counting on their next paycheck, instead letting it all ride on their own talent to make far more. Want to become an entrepreneur? Get ready to change things up. Our world is for those who are passionate about living the roller coaster of life and not being satisfied to watching from the sidelines. 6. I don’t know if I could deal with the isolation of being a lone entrepreneur. I see. You prefer the sordid politics which undermines most jobs. Being an entrepreneur means those days are over. Suddenly the world is operating on your schedule, your clock. You are in charge of your day. If you can find the way (and there are many waiting to mentor you) to embrace this, your life is about to change. 7. I need to get away from the kids to make my life work. Tony Robbins likes to point out that on their deathbed, most Americans will not say “I wish I spent more time at the office.” Events like the horrific school shooting in Connecticut seems to bring it all home for Americans who need to view tragedy close up to realize that this is not the life that they once visualized. I walked a different beat. Office buildings made me sick to my stomach. Working from home was always my preference. I was a stay at home dad before that term ever became popular. Want to make your life work? Start staying home with the kids and rearranging your life to make them more a part of it. It might be the greatest life of all. 8. I am not good at recruiting people. Don’t think of recruiting someone to sell for you. Think of it as sharing the passion you have for your lifestyle. Your mentors will show you the way. And you have several of the very best mentors to choose from right here. 9. I don’t like entertaining others at my home. You have to stop thinking like its 1954. Technology has brought MLM into a brand new era. Your mentors will share with you tools which will allow you to build your business, attend events you choose to participate in and not invade your privacy. However, one thing is for certain. To enter this brave new world, you must take the first step. 10. The whole idea of becoming an entrepreneur is just too scary. I know. Believe me, I understand. After 40 years of being about everything entrepreneur, I see how you are thinking. It isn’t your fault that you weren’t taught in school to become an entrepreneur. I don’t really know what you were taught. As I have mentioned, I have multiple undergraduate degrees, an MBA and a CPA and there never was a day I was taught anything about being an entrepreneur. I had to figure it all out myself. And I did. Take the first step. Contact one or more of those on my recommended list. Start the process. Someday, you will be teaching others to change their lives. And your life will become one of constant amazement.

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