Sunday, December 23, 2012


Tyler wouldn’t cry. They had asked him to come to the morgue and identify his mom’s body, but he had no interest in doing that. Instead, he went online and after a few moments, he found what he was looking for. Gillian Hanlon, 37, was booked into the county jail tonight and charged with vehicular homicide and DUI. Her accident earlier this evening led to the death of Cynthia Fields, 51. Hanlon is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow to respond to charges. Tonight, she remains in lockup without bail. Hanlon is the owner of the Tiny Tots Day Care Center. Tyler shot off the computer. He had the information he needed to know. I went from actor to unemployed overnight, but I need income so I was lucky to pick up a job as a staff reporter for a little country weekly who crusty owner hired me despite his intense dislike for everyone who crossed his path. That very first day, he asked me if I had much experience as a writer. I figured he would be impressed that I had been a working actor. He wasn’t. “Did I ask you if you were an actor?” He shook his head, disgusted. I found out later that he had hired me. I didn’t spend time giving him a chance to reconsider.

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