Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mentoring Student of the Year

Melissa Shelley is perhaps the greatest mentoring student I have had in 2012. I have inspired her to write her book SUPERMOM which will come out soon. She once made her living in computer systems and with the baby business over, she knew it was time to contribute to family finances. One thing she soon realized she did not want to do. She did not want to go to work. Melissa shared that realization with millions of moms across America. So guess what? Melissa never did return to that mind numbing job. Instead, she became a mentor to moms and began to teach them how to stay at home.. be with their kids, enjoy chunks of free time and yes, have it all. If you are a mom and never want to look for a job again, call Melissa. And if you want to be mentored to reach your personal heights, call me.

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