Monday, October 08, 2012

Yanks-O's Part 1

Here is my take on the Yankees series tied after 2 with the Birds. It is a fitting title, The Birds, because that is how the Yankees are playing. First, the roster. Did you realize that roster and rooster are only one letter away. It hardly matters, but I just noticed. I would have kept Andruw Jones and Ivan Nova on the 25 man. They earned it. I like Nieves, but he doesn’t have the experience of Jones. The Bully is well rested as they could pitch Soriano for 2 or 3 games in New York and he would be OK. CC and Andy have been fine. What I am annoyed at with the Yankees and this goe back to the days where Torre began to lose, is that they lead the league in homers all year long and then play like crap and have to win at small ball in the late innings and that is a formula for losers. Hopefully, they will be energized by a big crowd Wednesday and Thursday at the Stadium and take care of business, the Yankee way!

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