Wednesday, September 12, 2012

National Mentoring Project

America needs a national mentoring league. This book will document my goal to create one. What would a mentoring league do? It would serve America by linking its emerging youth with more experienced mentors in all fields supervised by a committee to promote character, focus on career and facilitate transition. It would also give those who find themselves outside the work force a project of value. I realize there are other mentoring projects out there and I have no intention of taking anything away from their goals. I am looking at the bigger picture. America needs to involve all of its people in this venture. This is the greatest thing I will ever do and it is fitting that I will spend my final years breathing life into it. I have written a best-selling book Gift to My Dad (Amazon) I have created a Hall of Fame at my high school. I have been a CPA, a teacher, a husband, a father and a mentor to many. Now I ask you. I need your help. We will need talent from every possible sector to pull this off. Are you in?

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