Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Teach Visualization and so can you!

I teach visualization---and so can you. I have taught visualization to some of the wealthiest people in this country. My client list began years ago with basketball player Pistol Pete Maravich. If you want to confirm my credentials, check out my classic visualization book Gift To My Dad (Amazon) I am a very lazy man living a blessed life in San Diego so this is my offer to you. I will teach you what I do for nothing. You read correctly. I will teach you how I make on average $1,000 per client/student teaching how the power of visualization can better their life. The fact is I am so lazy I rarely get on the phone any longer and prefer to write, build my huge social media following, travel the world and play in the greatest city in the world. I can do that teaching 5-10 new students a week. But I am too lazy to market for them. So if you have marketing and social media skills, sell me and in one or as many students as you need, I will teach you online what I do and unless you are a moron, you will get the idea rather quickly. Then you can write a book, hire others to get you students or buy a yacht and sail the world. Or you can pay ridiculous sums of money and play basketball with the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Yankees as I have as well. Frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a damn. So here is the skinny for those who blinked. Use your social media skills to sell me and we will close the sale online as a team. Once I get paid, you will receive a generous commission (you start at 25%) and I will wire the cash directly to your bank. Then I teach the student and you follow the progress. Continue as my marketing partner as long as you have success or quit at anytime and strike out on your own. Makes no difference to me. Don’t send me resumes, love letters or flowers. Just send me students and then we begin.

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