Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Trans Am or Bust

I'm in search of a writer who would be interested in my story.....I was traded for a 1977 trans am at birth, by age 16 my adopted mom had died and i ran away because of extreme only means of survival was through stripping and escorting..i fell into a world of meth...I managed to clean my self up 5 years ago when I nearly died of an ectopic pregnancy I woke up from surgery and never used drugs again...Just recently I Found my birth family: turns out my birth mother died in a car accident a few years after I was born ( very ironic) but i have 5 brothers and sister!! we were all given up to different families..Ive been in touch with all of them but 2!! There is much more to this story I would rather talk about over the phone with someone interested in this project... There would not be any money up front but I know my story could get published and who ever would want to take on this project with me would share in the profit 50/50!!

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