Thursday, May 24, 2012

Words 70-72

Steve’s Note: In my first 18 years, my parents probably took me to fewer movies than I could count on one hand. Today, I screen dozens of movies a week as part of my continuing study of visualization and educating your brain. I am constantly asking my brain to record new movies as if it was a monster DVR machine. The more movies I can record in my mind, the greater my own personal projector will work for my own in house movies. 70. Epilogue Many books and movies have an epilogue to bring you up to date with events that occurred after the movie was filmed or book published. Your study of vocabulary will have its own epilogue after you complete the 100 and then commit to adding and subtracting as you go forward. 71. Sanctuary I encourage my students to seek sanctuary when they begin to visualize and create images for their new words. What is your sanctuary? Your sleeping chamber? Your room? Your study? Of course, there is no sanctuary quite like your mind. 72. Epigram I have included this word for several reasons. You might refer to your favorite epigram and a picture which brings this to mind as your ability to recollect. Your knowledge of the word will bring acronym and anagram into your mind as well. These words are often confused and your new word and picture associated with it will add clarity.

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