Thursday, May 03, 2012

Words 7-9

If you hire me to mentor you in the writing life, we are going to be pen pals for quite some time in the future. Many of you know my passion for writing and how prolific penmanship seems to flow from me like rain. Why is that? Can it happen to you? The answer is yes. But you will need to study with me. One-One. Are you ready to make that commitment? If you are, keep in mind that I often have a waiting list so don’t take your time. Lets take a closer look at the Day in the Life of Steve Tarde, writer. It could be your story within weeks. Lately, my day might start out before 4AM with a 2 mile jaunt in the hills. It ends at a trolley stop and off I go again to sample the sights, sounds and mental notes which so often end up in my writing. Time for a continental breakfast. Price is right and perusing three or four newspapers is some kind of nice for me. Could you get used to this? What papers you say? Maybe the local San Diego paper although I rate it far inferior to the Los Angeles Times. The USA Today often has timely issues I might not see elsewhere. And the New York Times, although a hefty issue price always gives you a good read. I am beginning to relax and out comes my little notebook where my ideas are born and will often give birth to full length pieces. I close my eyes and visualize. Maybe I think back to the night I almost died during knee surgery and make a note to connect with the doctor who operated on me that eventful evening thirty-three years ago. It starts with a motion picture in my mind, but it ends up in a little notebook before I expand it on my keyboard. If I am your mentor, we make a deal. We start living this life together ************************************** 7. Factitious Sick day (can you see it) 8.Fictitious If something is not true, it is fiction and where we derive the word fictitious. Do you know someone who spends their time spreading fiction? Now you have another mental picture for your files. 9. Facetious “I was kidding. I was being facetious.” Can’t you take a joke? I lie on my bed and picture someone playing a practical joke on me. The picture and the word are burned in my psyche. Reminder: It’s now OK to use the dictionary to get the meaning of the word and help you with your motion picture in your mind, but only AFTER you made your initial effort with the word. Keep sending me your comments and questions:

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