Monday, May 14, 2012

Words 40-42

40. Obsequious Picture the fawning waiter who is orchestrating for a gratuity, perhaps, with a bit too much fanfare. Dozens of cuisine words improve your restaurant vocabulary and make food taste better. This just in as they say in the news business! Whenever I have been asked the question, "Who is the best teacher you ever had, the one who inspired you to learn?” my answer came without hesitation: Steve Tarde. I share his belief that a strong vocabulary provides a foundation for scholastic and personal achievement. His visualization approach toward vocabulary is different and unique. And fun; he makes learning fun! He is not concerned with teaching a student to memorize, but rather to learn and comprehend. The impact of his teaching method extends beyond vocabulary. Visualization can be advantageously applied to nearly every facet of one’s life. 41. Precipitous A sudden change in direction. Maybe you want to think cliffhanger. So why not see a picture of a cliff in your mind? 42. Denizen A power word that is used for a resident, but it can be used for anything endemic to a region. Therefore elephants are denizens of Africa. Can you see an elephant in your mind?

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