Thursday, May 03, 2012


our Vocabulary Stops DUI Why would a word like inebriate stop someone from driving drunk? It’s a theory and its mine. I would like to make it yours. When my son was in high school, several teens lost their life in an accident involving too many kids crammed into a car driving at an excessive speed. There was talk about alcohol being involved as well, as there almost always is. Whether the driver was legally intoxicated was not a concern for my son. This accident went into his mental files and he never drove while impaired. Years ago, I came up with a concept I called Drivers Promise which asked parents and children to make a bond cementing the following promise: Today I promise…. For a lifetime never to enter a motor vehicle as driver or passenger where there is evidence of alcohol or drugs This promise, which I printed on a glossy card, led to many parents and their children thanking me over the years for helping them get through a tough period. Now, launching a worldwide vocabulary website teaching how to turn words into pictures extends my goal. I am saying that one who has words such as inebriated and intoxicated in their vocabulary will be far less likely to become impaired and risk their life and others on the road. My theory is that by exploring the topic, by immersing yourself in the language, you give thought to the action and give caution to your behavior. I look forward to some of my most loyal students to join me in sharing, writing and reading about my theory. What about you?

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