Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother'Day Words 37-39

100 Words entered a new era in the late 1980’s. The great success I had in Miami was over as the school closed its doors once and for all in June, 1982. By the way, many of those very same students are coming online to reunite with me and take my course again, 30 years to the day. My study of the power of visualization intensified. In 1994, I became a hermit in Scottsdale, Arizona and broke in their new library reading everything ever published in the field. That summer, I added a PHD to my two undergrad degrees, my MBA and my CPA. This time I wasn’t paying tuition. I had discovered the purpose of my life in the desert. Start by getting a copy of Gift To My Dad (amazon) and our journey begins. The 100 Words were now reflecting social awareness. Could a man start to deal with control issues and reach a whole new respect level with women? Women. They were a changing! 37. Psychologist A student wrote me (yes, you can write me at any time and I will get back to you, not an automated reply). “Steve, you arbitrarily picked the 100 words here, but what about our words?” Well, that’s exactly the point. Bravo! For the breakthrough! I gave you a starter set of 100 words. The course is called 100 Words To A Million. Seems like you have some work to do. Are the lights on? Is anyone at home? So what are your 100 Words? What journey will they take you on? How will it all help you to discover the purpose of your life? **************************************************** 38. Tenacious One of my favorite words. I am not pleased when someone promises to work with me and I am the only one doing the emailing. Do you want to be a leader in life? Tenacity is key. 39. Prodigious Notice as you build word clusters, just like seeing that new sports car ubiquitously, so you build options to articulate a similar word. We studied temerity and added this word to our vocabulary. Now, we add prodigious to our cluster.

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