Saturday, April 28, 2012

We Start Tuesday

The Professor started online writing classes which have power in popularity. Demonstrating his unique visualization method, he uses the same method that he pioneered in vocabulary immersion. In 30 days, students build a strong connection with the writing skills taught and demonstrate their own talent. Founded by the Professor decades ago for his private students. The Professor’s primary visualization text is Gift To My Dad (Amazon). His online course include a 30 day planner and there is a day to day running commentary. Students are always encouraged to comment regularly with the guru. I am writing this at a lovely San Diego hotel where I often drop by for a breakfast fit for a king. One of my favorite things to do is pamper myself with a first class breakfast and read as many as 4-5 local and national newspapers to jumpstart the camera in my mind which direct the motion pictures of my life. A walk is pre and post breakfast and always at least 5 miles plus group which I launched on Facebook. If I can teach you to think as I do, you will begin hatching at least one entrepreneurial business per day which will serve you well as a cash flow catalyst. Those of you taking the 30 day vocabulary online course will no doubt come across words with culinary clout. Epicurean comes to mind. I founded an epicurean lifestyle earl on. My dad always figured I was showing off or putting him down. Perhaps he was right/but actually I just enjoy the best things life has to offer and I go after it and teach others ti do so as well. My 100 Words will eventually give way to your high end list and in terms of full disclosure, I wanted to share with you the origins of my choices. S for each block of 3 words, I will make personal notes about the picture the word inspired me to visualize. My word is likely to differ from yours, but that is not what we are getting to here. You have begun to train your brain. If there are typos, keep them to yourselves. I am a writer, not an editor. Words about doctors made the early lists and have remained. You go to a cardiologist for a Stress test. The Stress test is not administered by a psychologist (no medical school) or a psychiatrist (licensed to prescribe medication). You should know these things. You should know these words. If you are taking mental notes, I suggest reading material from time to time. Depending how much you want to get out of the course is how serious you will take these suggestions. Same thing is true with emails. I don’t want emails which say Hi, Steve and send me a smiley face. If you have a legitimate question, ask it and don’t hold back. You might be taking the course to better your vocabulary or just because your mom and/or dad took it. That’s fine. Welcome. Or you might want to spread my teaching throughout the world and make some money doing it. That’s very fine. See you Tuesday.

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