Thursday, April 26, 2012

This Blog Is About To be Hijacked for The Month of May

First day of school always excites me. What about you? Here are the initial class notes so you are up to date when we begin on the 1st of the month. 1. You will get notes like this from time to time because I love to write and communicate 2. Before this course begins, you should have read Gift To My Dad (available on Amazon) and Monica, a short story which will give you an idea of where my vocabulary passion all began. If you haven’t received Monica in advance of day 1, email me and we will get it to you. 3. You will be studying online 100 Words to A Million for about 30 days. 4. Each day throughout the month, 3 new words and comments will be emailed to you without fail (and if we fail, let us know. This isn’t a widgets factory and I try to keep up) 5. During the month of study, email me as often as you like with questions and comments ( I remind my students I can’t read their mind. With thousands of students, I can’t possibly know or want to know, for that matter what your question is, until you ask it. So ask it! 6. I have been teaching 100 Words To One Million since 1972. It has grown over the years from a personal vocabulary course to a “what is the purpose of your life” course. Save your comments about the course until after we wrap. 7. Yes, it is possible for certain students to participate in graduate study with me. If this is something which interests you, email me after course is completed. 8. I deliver 100 words in this course, but you should already be working on your personal 100 (more about that as we study) 9. This is a million dollar course, but I am on a budget. Two things about fiscal matters. I don’t charge a fortune or at times anything at all for you to study with me, but this has been a hardship to me over a 40 year career. Mind you, I wouldn’t do anything else. This is my passion and I am fortunate to have realized this in my lifetime and that is why I teach my personal formula to others seeking their purpose in life. However, we know America dances to the sound of money. If you believe what you have been taught is worthy of your saying thanks, please do so with a payment of whatever you deem proper to my paypal account at in order that a new generation of students can benefit as well. 10. Please don’t write me and point out typos. I am a creative. I write an extraordinary amount of words each day, sometimes writing 20 plus hours a day. I try to correct what I can but my early blog days and certain articles will have typos. Maybe someday, I will have an editor looking over my shoulder for stuff like that. For now, this is what works best for me and my students, so enjoy, but don’t play or volunteer to play editor. On the other hand, if there is something glaring which in your opinion requires revision, email me and we will fix it for future students. 11. For those of you who want more of me than Gift To My Dad, etc. I suggest you read my blog ( It goes back 7 years to 2005 with now over 500 entries, so something for all shoppers.

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