Monday, April 26, 2010

To All My Visualization Friends

To Friends of my work in the field of visualization:

You are receiving this because of your interest in my work in the field of visualization.

Work with my visualization students dates back to 1972 when I first began my groundbreaking teaching methods in The South Bronx, New York City.

Almost 40 years.

My work in applying visualization to vocabulary peaked from the years 1978-1982 at Deerborne School in Coral Gables, Florida.

The students who studied with me in that small private school learned my simple techniques to own words and not rent them.

On Father’s Day. June 20, 2010, I will bring Visualization to the stage for the very first time.

In an effort to bring attention to the failure of American education to address the needs of lower income students, I will be performing my one man show based on my new book GIFT TO MY DAD, a baseball fantasy.

For ticket information, call Cali Comfort in Spring Valley, California at 619-337-0670.

In 2010, I will release my first video tools for low income students to provide them with the academic tools they need to succeed in education and break the chain of poverty in their family.

These academic visualization techniques will be available for FREE on my Facebook page at

My blog WRITE AMERICA chronicles my quest to even the educational playing field

Whether you are a former student of my work or a loyal follower, you know that this has been my life’s work ever since I first stepped into the American classroom.

When you donate $50 or more, using the safety and security of my paypal account either on my Facebook page or on my blog, you are helping to make a dramatic change in American education.

And as a GIFT to you, I will send you either GIFT TO MY DAD in its ebook version (for donations of $50) or the DVD of the live show I will be performing in San Diego on Father’s Day (for donations of $100).

You will enjoy the book or one man show and you can count on me to be the squeaky wheel when it comes to being an advocate in the classroom for low income students.
Consider this quote from a man who began with very little and yet beat the overwhelming odds to obtain a quality education:

I have figured out that babies are all born the same. It’s what happens to you along the process of your life that makes the difference in who you are and education is a great leveler.

William Jefferson Clinton

I have been teaching the power of visualization to students, athletes, entrepreneurs and others for going on 40 years.

Help me bring attention to the fact that sons and daughters of low income families don’t receive the same opportunities as those with resources and options.
When they learn what I teach them, practical study techniques they can use immediately to retain words and write more effectively, they can compete with others.
Help the American dream once again be enjoyed by all those with the power to dream.
Help me so I can help them.

Donate today.

On my Facebook page, go to Pages and on my WRITE AMERICA page there is a paypal button, click it and you will be able to donate directly and securely using your credit card.
The same paypal button exists on my blog page at

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