Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Success thinkers don't get that way without thinking success at all hours of the day.

They are confident in what they do and approach life with a surety and definite purpose which shows through their personality.

When you meet a positive person, it's less about arrogance and more about their comfort level.

They just set off a radiance wherever they travel and whomever they meet.

I teach my students how to think success.

I start on the very first evening.

My students learn to think success by first dreaming success.

It's part of marinating in success.

You must believe that success is heading your way.

You need to see yourself in that picture in your mind.

You need to know where you are heading, so that when you get there, you will truly believe that you have been there before.

Top athletes, students and entrepreneurs share this very important quality.

They have seen themselves succeed before they succeed.

It's a very simple and powerful formula.

That's what I teach.

Are you ready to learn?

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